Non-Core Modules

OIS believes in providing our students the opportunity to try various activities to identify their likes and strengths and grow holistically.

Second Language

Through the 2nd language option, students have the opportunity to be bilingual, explore another language and its culture that paves the way for forming profound perspectives. Students also will be able to keep-touch with their roots and flourish in its richness.

  • Tamil
  • Hindi
  • Mandarin
  • French


Music allows students an opportunity to experience other cultures through the appreciation of the various genres of music. Through the vocal and instrument lessons we provide, they enhance their musical skills by understanding concepts like beat, rhythm and scales. Lessons are fun and engaging for students to learn and enjoy!

ECA Sports & Clubs

All students need to engage in a sport and club each to gain experience and discover their potential outside of academics. With these non-academic exposures, learners gain a mature view of the world and skills needed to thrive in it. Concurrently, their physical and mental health are tended.

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