Application Process

Olympiad International School looks forward to welcoming new students and parents to our community.

The academic year starts in January and ends in November. The 3-step approach is listed below.

Step 1: Schedule An Appointment
Parents can either fill up our online enquiry form or contact the school hotline 6931 8460 / 8498 7389.

Please bring the original copies of the following documents as well on your visit to school:

Children Documents:
1. Passport
2. Identity Card and Immigration records
3. Birth Certificate
4. Passport sized photo
5. Previous educational certificates
6. Health booklet or any documents pertaining to student’s medical conditions

Parent Documents:
7. Passport
9. Work Related Passes

Step 2: Consultation
Our school administrator will brief parents on the necessary procedures and highlight how the school program will be conducted.

For admissions into grade 2 to 6, placement tests will be conducted in English and mathematics where students are required to score above 50% to be placed in their age-appropriate level.

Step 3: Payment
The registration and administration fees for the year would be collected. Both the fees are one-time payments.

Want to find out more?

Please leave your contact details below and we will be glad to help.