What is the admission procedure at Olympiad International School ?

The admission procedure will be

  1. Either fill up the enquiry form or fix and appointment to head over to our school
  2. For Grade 2 to 6 admission, placement tests will be conducted in English and Mathematics.
  3. Submit the relevant documents and pay the registration fees. Further details can be found on our admission process page

Are admissions open throughout the year ?



  • Curriculum and Teachers


What will the curriculum be like at Olympiad International School ?

The school operates on a self-developed curriculum with references to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) and the Mathematics done in the ministry of education. The School places a lot of emphasis on creative thinking, critical thinking and exposure to sports and arts activities.

What are the subjects that will be taught ?

– The subjects that are taught will be

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Mother Tongue (Hindi, Tamil, French)
  • Third-Language (French)
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Social Studies
  • Computing
  • Knowledge of Inquiry
  • Sports Modules
  • Arts Modules

What is the qualifications of the teachers in your school and are they trained at the elementary level?

Our lead teachers minimally have a bachelor’s degree. and our support teachers minimally hold a diploma. All teachers employed in Olympiad international school minimally have 2 years of education-related experience. The school also places emphasis on teachers workshops and trainings to further develop their potential at the school.

How will the communication be like between parents and teachers?

The school uses Class Dojo for a more responsive way of communication where parents can check the students’ progress, daily homework and speak with the respective subject tutors. The school diary is also another mode of communication. Other general matters


Will there be any certificates given ?

After the Mid-year and Final examinations, there will be report slips given.At the completion of the academic year, the students will be given a completion certificate.

What are the school hours ?

The school hours will be from 9am to 3.45pm on Mondays to Fridays. Students will need to report to school by 8.50am and lessons will commence from 9am sharp. Dismissal will commence from 3.30pm for students taking the school transportation and parents pick up will commence from 3.45pm.

When will exams be conducted ?

The Examination Schedule will be

Common Test 1: March

Mid-Year Examinations: May

Common Test 2: August

Final Year Examinations: Nov

How many academic terms are there in a year ?

– There are 4 academic terms per year.

Term 1: Jan – March

Term 2: March- May

Term 3: July- September

Term 4: September- Nov

Does the school operate on a full-blown campus or in a commercial building?

The school operates in a commercial building where we have 9 classrooms.

Where do students have their physical education and sports activities?

For all sports activities, the school uses its own transportation to bring the students to either the serangoon stadium or Maple-wood Park which is approximately 1km away.

Are there canteens and where do students have their lunch and snack break?

The school does not have a canteen. Students generally consume their lunch and snacks that they bring from home, in their respective classrooms.

Does the school provide access to the library or the science laboratory?

For both the library and science laboratory programmes, the school engages with external vendors to use their facilities.