Mrs. Jamunna Raventheran

School Owner and Founder

Mr. Dhakshina kumar 

Managing Director

Mr. Ali Kanan

School Principal

As the world moves towards the 3rd decade of the 21st century, the realm and horizon of education has gone far ahead with tremendous changes and advances in leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when the teacher dictated, and the students listened in rapt attention.

Now the Motto is the interaction between the teacher and the taught. The educator opens the way and walks hand in hand to make learning student centered. The concept of mentor – mentee will be the basic concept of teaching concept.

It is with this dynamic methodology in mind that the Olympiad International School has launched its ambitious academic endeavor. Olympiad International School aims to bring the best out of the students by honing not just their academic skills but all other branches of life skills that are required to make them well rounded personalities to face the future. It is the fervent hope of this school that our students will come out on top and will be suitable to pursue any branch of academic pursuits in any part of the world.

The school management welcomes one and all to join us and be a partner in promoting higher learning skills. Together, we go hand in hand taking our children to the destination that they richly deserve