Henna art is a tradition that dates back to antiquity. Reserved for special occasions, it is a wonderful cultural artifact that has been, and continues to be, passed down from generation to generation. Here at OIS, we believe it’s important for students to learn about different cultures and traditions and appreciate the importance of preserving…


At OIS the health and safety of our students is our utmost priority. We are vigilant in ensuring that all students and staff adhere to our Covid-19 measures. But this doesn’t mean the fun stops! We have come up with innovative ways to keep students engaged, active, and inspired. From indoor activities to special projects,…


Due to covid-19 we have suspended all outdoor co-curricular activities at OIS. But that doesn’t mean our students can’t take on new challenges, have fun, and get fit! Here’s a quick snap of our students during an indoor Taekwondo lesson!


A collection of some of the drawings done by our OIS students. We never knew we had such talented artists in our midst! Academics will always come first. But we also put aside time for students to find different ways to express themselves and explore their creative side.