Academic and Examination Board

Ms. Arathi

Head of IGCSE

Mrs. Niveditha Hari


Examination Board

The board oversees the development of following procedures:

  • Ensuring that the content and duration of the modules or subjects, as well as the entry and graduation requirements of the course are appropriate.
  • Approving the deployment of teachers based on the requirements stipulated by the CPE.
  • Facilitating the PEI to implement and comply with the policies and procedures developed.
  • Reviewing at least once a year, the academic policies and procedures.

Academic Board

The Academic Board is to investigate the academic quality and rigor of the School.  Its responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the security of examination scripts and answer scripts.
  • Ensure the proper conduct of examinations and assessments.
  • Define and ensure the proper discharge of duties and responsibilities of invigilators and markers.
  • Conduct moderation of examination and assessment marks.
  • Handle appeals from students with regards to examination or assessment matters.

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